Skin Cancer Treatment


Beyond the Cosmetic: Skin Cancer Treatment


The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane offers many services to improve imperfections in your skin, but we also go one step beyond in our approach to skin care. Skin cancer is a real threat. It can develop into something much more sinister than an unsightly mole you cover with cosmetics every day. Our facility has an in-house skin specialist, Dr. Ash Sankarayya. He can examine questionable moles, sunspots, or freckles that might be causing you concern.


Get a Diagnosis and Treatment for Skin Cancer


In the event that you develop a cancerous lesion, Dr. Sankarayya will decide upon the best treatment plan for your particular case. Removal of the problem area can be accomplished through several different surgical techniques. It is the policy at The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane to opt for the least invasive treatment possible whilst still protecting your health.


Cosmetic Removal of Skin Growths


Hopefully, the mole or freckle that has become the cause of concern is merely a cosmetic issue. If this is the case, our skin care expert can safely remove them. The procedure is performed with great care to preserve the natural appearance of your skin. While other doctors sometimes refuse to agree to purely cosmetic procedures, it is our specialty.


Make Your Skin a Priority


Take care of your skin like you do your teeth. Make regular visits to The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane so that our physician can become familiar with unique characteristics of your skin. By establishing a baseline, Dr. Sankarayya is able to note any significant changes that might need attention. Getting an early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

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