Dermal Fillers


Cutting Edge Treatment at The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane


The wonders of modern science have made rewinding the hands of time a reality! Take years off your face with Dermal Fillers. The telling lines of life show on our faces, as a result of habitual expressions where dynamic lines leave stubborn wrinkles present at rest. Dermal Fillers are the solution to deep, troublesome wrinkles that you encounter every day in the mirror.


How Does it Work?


Dermal Fillers are comprised of a gel like substance that is injected directly into the wrinkles, filling the crease and restoring a healthy fullness to the skin. The smooth substance plumps and revives effectively with immediate results The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane uses only “HA” fillers comprised of a complex sugar chain that is a chemical twin to what is found in human skin. When injected, the filler also stimulates collagen production which restores vitality and volume to your skin.


Dermal Fillers Can Treat Many Problems


Dermal fillers can help erase the signs of aging but they are also effective in other ways. The injections can be used to treat the following:


Surgical scars

Acne scars

Lip augmentation to restore full and sensuous lips;

Cheek augmentation and facial contouring including jawline, chin and nose.


So, Dermal Fillers can benefit skin of any age. Our doctor has the expertise to use Dermal Fillers to enhance your natural beauty without changing your appearance. If your goal is a smooth flawless face, call The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane to set up an appointment to discuss your return to a more youth look.


Prices Start At $450 Per ml



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