Acne Treatment



Don’t Let Your Acne Get the Upper Hand!


Whether you’re in high school or an adult, acne can make every day of your life miserable. It can be such a self-esteem issue when unattractive and often painful blemishes affect your face. Finding a solution to the break out problem can be very challenging. At The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane, we have solutions to cure your agony. Getting treatment can help you avoid the scars that are sometimes left by even modest acne. Through the use of specially formulated medication and skin treatments, we can help you clear up the problem.


Our Recipe for Success


Our approach to ending your acne break outs is multifaceted. We can help to stop the chain reaction through the use of the correct regime of Cosmeceuticals some of which are specifically designed for acne. Skin peels can help as can the use of certain light treatments. Sometimes the addition of a prescription medication is needed, depending upon the extent of the acne problem. Before you know it, your face will start showing signs of recovery followed by a complete elimination of blemishes.


Preventative Maintenance


During and after your treatment, our experts will work with you to instruct you on how to properly care for your skin in order to avoid future acne issues. Providing you with advice about which products will work best for you is what we do best. The skin care ritual that we introduce you to will help you maintain healthy, vibrant skin for a lifetime.

Are you concerned about Acne? Please contact us and talk to us about the best option for your treatment today. Dr. Ash Sankarayya has a special interest and training in acne management.

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