Why Vitality Institute

Why use a Skin Care Product from the Vitality Institute range?

Here is what Dr. Abdala Kalil, Founder and CEO of the VI Derm, says about his cultivated Skin Care range:

“Why VI? Our breakthrough product, the VI PEEL™, established VI Medical as a leading innovator in the aesthetic medical field. We will soon demonstrate again the unique blend of experience, creativity and scientific knowledge that keeps us at the helm of leadership with an exciting new line of peels that expands on our current offerings and marks more advancement in the science of skin care.”

Here is a word from Brand Ambassador and Star of reality TV show ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, Taylor Armstrong:

“The VI Peel™ makes your skin glow. The results are amazing!”

Contact us at The Brisbane Cosmetic Studio to find out how the VI Skin Care Range of products can improve your skin!


Welcome to Vitality Institute


The Cosmetic Studio recommends medical grade skin care products which we proudly offer to our customers. These products include cleansers and moisturisers that should be part of your daily skincare routine. Facial peels should also be worked into the regime on a regular basis. Getting into the habit of caring for your skin with the best skin care products available will arm you against premature aging.


Products to Treat Skin Problems


Vitality Institute is proud to offer the VI PEEL, an innovative skin care product designed in the U.S. by Dr. Abdala Kalil. This product has been effectively used to treat acne. In fact, Dr. Kalil was inspired to create it when his own teenage daughter developed acne. We also offer products to treat many other skin conditions including hyper pigmentation, including melasma and premature aging. The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane is proud to be the Australian Distributor of VI Derm products. This highly effective product range offers a wide array of skin care answers.


What Can Vitality Institute Do For You?


If your skin isn’t cared for properly, your appearance will suffer. Choosing the best products to bring out the healthy radiance of your skin should be a priority. Why not choose the prescription strength quality of the wide variety of products you can find at The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane. Our employees are always ready to help you find the right type of skin care product for your skin type. Skin care is what we do. And we do it well.

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