The Brisbane Clinic………….WE HAVE MOVED! (New Phone number 3236 2559)

At The Cosmetic Studio we are committed professionals who have been practicing for over 26 years…

With vast experience in the medical field, Dr Ash Sankarayya and his wife Steny, a long-standing beauty therapist offer an array of non-surgical procedures to enhance your appearance.

Our New Location…

The new clinic is conveniently located in SmartClinics George Street, 275 George St, Brisbane, Qld 4000. The building sits on the corner of Adelaide and George Sts and the entrance is on Adelaide St.

Extensive experience…

Dr. Ash Sankarayya has been a qualified General Practitioner (GP) for 30 years, and as the owner of 2 clinics, is committed to providing first class treatment for patients who desire a rejuvenated appearance. Additionally, his wife Steny brings to the practice over 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry.

Additional clinic…

In addition to The Cosmetic Studio in Brisbane, Dr. Ash Sankarayya has a long standing clinic in Darwin and has a loyal base of patients who continue to benefit from his services over his many years in the health profession.

At The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane, You Come First

The whole reason for our existence is to please our clients and make them as comfortable as can be when visiting our clinic for treatment. Our facilities are designed with your comfort in mind. The warm and modern atmosphere is relaxing and offers the ability to be discreet during your beauty treatments. You’ll receive the highest level of care in the perfect surroundings.

Skin Care is Not a One-Time Fix

Keeping your skin healthy is a lifetime job and we would like to be right there beside you with helpful advice and total care. When we take you in as a client it is with the hope that you will choose to remain under our care for years to come. We want you to feel totally comfortable discussing your concerns and desires. If you want to improvesomething about your appearance, we are here to support you and help you attain your goals.

We’re Not Just About Women’s Beauty Concerns

The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane offers skin care that can benefit your entire family. Skin problems do not choose sex or age. From helping your teenager get over acne to diagnosing your father’s skin cancer, we can provide the care and treatment necessary for a complete recovery. Skin care is not just for women anymore either. Men are learning the value of a skin care routine and seeking our expertise as well. Share your choice in the field of skin care with your husband and your children by tapping into all the services we offer.

Get in touch with us today, and visit our team of professionals at The Cosmetic Studio Brisbane.

Please phone (07) 3236 2559  to see what we offer.

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